Welcome to Ironstone

''If a winery produces good wine, it is an attribute. If a winery produces great wine, while setting a standard for gracious living and superb hospitality, then it is a gift for all to enjoy.” Stephen Kautz, President of Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys, CA

John Kautz Owner and Chairman has made a commitment to involvement and quality, pouring himself into everything that he does with his heart, soul and complete dedication. Ironstone Vineyards is a direct representation of John’s passion for excellence, complemented by his consistent attention to detail. When asked about the magnificence of Ironstone Winery, John quietly admitted, “I want Ironstone to be the most beautiful winery in the world”.

After the death of his father in 1952, John became a second-generation farmer in Lodi, California. When he began his farming career, he only owned 38 acres of land that his parents had purchased through Farmers Home Administration. Through his hard work, he expanded his farm holdings. In 1965, John was given the distinguished honor of being named “National Outstanding Young Farmer”. Then, in 1969, the Ford Foundation named him “Top Farm Manager USA.” John has also received the Goodyear “National Award for Soil Conservation”. These awards are a direct reflection of the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm that represent John’s beliefs and his actions.

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