Welcome to Huia Vineyards

Certified organic wines made from the land with love in Marlborough, New Zealand Handcrafted by Winemakers Claire & Michael Allan

These wine notes are not vintage specific but rather describe how we approach crafting each wine variety. As a boutique, hands-on producer, we adhere to minimal intervention where possible allowing the earth and the elements to be expressed in the final wine. We love everything about Huia, from the hand-made wines to their organic and biodynamic approach. Established in 1996 after Claire and Mike Allan had done their time winemaking both in Champagne and elsewhere in Marlborough, Huia has quickly gone on to become synonymous with quality aromatic whites, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine from the Wairau Valley in Marlborough.

Huia’s wines are all about passion; for the wine, for the environment and for blending traditional and modern techniques to express the richness of some of Marlborough’s classic grapes.

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