An Argentinian grape which is extremely intense in aromatics. Its aromas and flavours are very floral, the wines tend to have a very slight sweetness, but some are dry. Some vineyards lie at very high altitudes, where cool climate brings a refreshing acidity to the wines.

Our Torrontes is from Argento vineyards in the Mendoza region, and is of the dry variety. It is aromatic with intense floral perfume aromas. It has concentrated flavours of peach and citrus, complemented by minty eucalyptus notes, dry and fresh with a clean mineral finish.


Taste Africa

Supporting Farm Africa, helping African farmers to move themselves out of poverty by growing and selling more food. Our swahilli sauce is a lovely delicate coconut sauce blended with tomatoes, chilli and lime. Really works with chicken and prawn, with a chilled glass of our Torrontes.


Saint Cosme

In the heart of the appellation Gigondas, the Château de Saint Cosme is an exceptional estate, with its Gallo-Roman fermentation vats perfectly preserved. This fantastic historical site gives a good idea how their ancestors the gallo-romans were living. The property has been in the family since 1490 and they have been vignerons for 14 generations. They have 15 hectares of old vines (average 60 years old) with a yield of around 27Hos/Ha. The terroir is apparently homogeneous but it’s actually geologically very diverse as the Dentelles de Montmirail makes it very complicated. Saint Cosme is exceptionally located at the crossing of two geological faults, which is very rare. This gives it an extraordinary diversity of soils. The microclimate is cool and late ripening. The Gigondas have the ability to be powerful and refined at the same time.

The Saint Cosme’s Chapel, located in the heart of our vineyard is a pure example of roman art. It was built at the XI and XII century. Purity, balance and beauty: the Chapel is a witness of the medieval times and it gives an intense and special atmosphere to the vineyard. Everyone should take five minutes to climb the little hill and visit it. The dedication to Saint Cosme is total. They want to express at their best the extraordinary potential of the terroirs combined with the old vines. The ancient know-how, the organic viticulture and the understanding of the terroirs are part of their strong beliefs that produce a fantastic range of wines.

FINE hope you enjoy them.


Saint Cose Little James Basket Press Red

Summary: Made using the Solera system this is a unique style of red wine. It's smooth with plum, berry and pepper flavours finished with good minerality. This unique wine has lovely flavours of cherry, oriental spices, lavender and strawberry.

Wine Varieties: Grenache

Description: This unique wine comes from the South of France, and is made using the Grenache grape variety. It is aged in a Solera just like Sherry is which means that the grapes do not come from just from one specific year but a blend of different years. It has lovely flavours of red fruit including strawberries and cherries, and some oriental spice.

Food: Slow cooked lamb Stinky Cheese


Saint Cose Little James Basket Press White

Summary:  So fresh and aromatic with lovely flavours of peach, lemon and tangerine. Great complexity that will leave you wanting more.

Grape Varieties:  Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc

Description: This wine is made in the South of France and is a blend of the Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. Viognier is characteristically full of stone fruit aromas and this wine is bursting with delicious notes of peaches along with citrus fruits.

Food: Salmon or trout, oily fish: Mackerel, Sardines


Saint Cosme Cote Rotie

Summary: Freshness, great balance and complex aromas of bacon, violet, graphite, ash and roses.

Grape Varieties: Syrah

Description: Cote Rotie is at the top of the pyramid of wines which come from the northern Rhone valley. It is a high quality wine and can command very high prices. Made from Syrah grapes, sometimes a tiny bit of the white grape variety Viognier is added to give some floral notes to the wine. This wine is full of white pepper and red fruit flavours.

Food: Steaks/ Roast Beef


Chateau Les Deux Albion

Summary: Such a brilliant wine filled with blackcurrant, black cherries and an intense silky finish.

Grape Varieties: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan

Description: This wine comes from the Rhône Valley in France and is made from a blend of two grapes, Grenache and Syrah (called Shiraz in places like Australia). The word ‘côtes’ means slopes. This wine is not aged in oak and has flavours of red fruits and perfumey violet notes.

Food: Roast Beef/Roast Lamb


Chateau Gigondas

Summary: Forest fruits, herbs and a hint of spice with good minerality. Totally charming

Grape Varieties: Grenache, Syrah,Carignan, Mourvedre

Description: This is a big and bold red wine from the Southern Rhône region in France. It has powerful flavours of black fruits and spice. The word Gigondas refers to the town in the Rhône that this wine is from, which is a common way of naming wines in France.

Food: Roast Beef


Saint Cosme cotes du Rhone Red

Summary: Ample black fruit is balanced with a spiciness in this 100% Syrah. Terrific

Grape Varieties: Syrah

Description: This wine is from the Rhône region in France and is made from the Syrah grape variety (also known as Shiraz). Syrah usually has aromas of peppery spice and this wine certainly does. It is a full bodied wine with smoky aromas and flavours of blackberries.

Food: Roast Beef/Roast Pork


Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone white

Summary: Juicy and ripe with flavours of peach, apple and pear. A creamy, floral and elegant wine.

Grape Varieties:  Rousanne,Viognier,Marsanne,Picpoul

Description: The Côtes du Rhône area of France is more readily associated with red wines but this is a great example of the white wines it can offer. This wine is bursting with ripe stone fruit aromas and exotic fruits on the palate. It is made using a blend of grapes commonly seen in the Rhône Valley: Marsanne, Viognier, Roussanne and Picpoul de Pinet.

Food: Roast Pork


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