About fine’s people – a family affair.

George – the boss - is the visionary behind the company and one of his aims is to break down the barriers that inhibit people from exploring new drinks, new food, new combinations. He has a degree in chemistry, is a chartered accountant, has a wealth of knowledge about retailing - and an enthusiasm for wine and food that’s been a driving force for many years. Setting up FINE means George is now channelling his passions into a business where he can make buying wine both interesting and rewarding for his customers. George’s expertise is behind every bottle on FINE’s shelves.

George - Fine Online
Hayley - Fine Online

Hayley – deli - is developing the deli and foodstuffs range. She’s also a busy mum, teaches in pre-school and has a great love of food and cooking. She is styling FINE’s food range to be easy but different – offering value with the unusual and an experience that you’ll find rewarding and enjoyable. Plus, the food range is designed to go with the wines – and she will recommend different styles with confidence.

Katie – customers and web - is newly qualified with a first-class honours degree and is hard at work in the shop gauging customers’ wants alongside FINE’s ability to respond to them. She has a fine palate, gives good advice – and brings a fun perspective to wine as only the young can.

Katie - Fine Online